Nederlandse ambassade te Teheran Iran

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Nederlandse Ambassade in Teheran

No.60, West Arghavan, Dibaji North Street, Farmanieh
Tehran, 1953623253

Telefoon: (+98) 21 2366 0000

15 februari 2015 On the occasion of the publication of the book; “The Yellow Lover Complexions, The Sunflower; The Flower of Peace and Friendship” (in memory of the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh) and the opening of the exhibition of the paintings of Professor Jafar Shahir (inspired by the work of Van Gogh), a ceremony will be held on February 15, at Milad Tower.

11 februari 2015 Op 15 en 16 februari zal het Yuri Honing Quartet optredens verzorgen tijdens het Fajr Festival in Tehran (Vahdat Hall).